Telemedicine technology for your practice.

Revolutionize your healthcare practice with modern telemedicine! With NETADOC, you can accelerate your clinical capacity without compromising on patient care.

your future growth is in telemedicine

Greater patient volume without sacrificing clinical capacity

With increasing pressure on healthcare professionals to see more patients and do more within consultations, there is a growing demand to simplify processes.

In a world that is becoming increasingly digitized, telemedicine provides an effective solution to healthcare practitioners in almost any specialty.

Through convenient, safe, and secure remote care capabilities, dermatologists and other clinicians are seeing their businesses take off more than ever before.

Our turnkey product is designed to accelerate your clinical capacity, optimize productivity and reduce costs without compromising on patient care.

Why NETADOC should be your next step?

Our telemedicine product is designed to
grow your practice and make your life easier.

Globalize your services through telemedicine

Optimized pages that have successfully converted over 400,000 leads.

Harness telemedicine to improve your clinical practice

We utilize 10-digit long code SMS, the most trusted communication platform that has proven to encourage engagement.

Grow your clinical capacity with innovative telehealth services

Integrates directly with your customer's calendar to automatically book appointments.

Improve your post-discharge and follow-up care with telehealth services

Machine-learning based scripts create funnels with 120% better accuracy.

Cost-effective and efficient delivery of care

We find the harmony between Al and live operators to ensure your leads show up to booked appointments.

Turnkey personalized telemedicine solution

Only pay when a lead indicates they are showing up in-person or virtually.

Ready to grow your medical practice?

Partner with us to implement a new revenue stream, accelerate your clinical
capacity and gain greater flexibility within your practice.